Quickstep Secures $12 Million Lockheed Martin Order

Quickstep have announced that the company has secured its largest aerospace production order to date from Lockheed Martin.

The purchase order covers the manufacture and delivery of composite carbon fibre wing flaps for 24 Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules aircraft. The work is to be undertaken at the companies Bankstown aerospace facility recently established by Quickstep.

The order is valued at US$12 million and deliveries are expected to commence December quarter of 2013 at an approximate rate of two sets per month. The order is in addition to the initial purchase order from Lockheed Martin for preliminary work announced in August 2012, which is expected to be completed prior to the first delivery of parts.

Each set of wing flaps comprises four parts with an aluminium structure and skins of carbon fibre composite, providing light, strong components capable of great endurance and longevity.

The purchase order is part of an overall agreement with Lockheed Martin expected to generate Quickstep revenues of between US$75 million to US$100 million over five years. Since initiation, more than 2,400 C-130 aircraft have been built in the longest continuously operating military aircraft production in history.

The Lockheed Martin C130-J flap program is the second aerospace program awarded to Quickstep, following its contracts to produce components for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program. It is expected to generate up to $700 million in revenues for Quickstep over the next 20 years. Quickstep expects to be one of the largest Australian contributors to the JSF Program.

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