Caterham & Renault Team up to Develop New Sportscar

Caterham and Renault are teaming up to build new sports cars and revive the famous Alpine badge.

The cars, which will be badged as Alpines and Caterhams, will be built at Renault’s plant in Dieppe, Normandy, where Renault currently produces race cars for its Renaultsport division, production of the Seven, SP/300.R and forthcoming Caterham Kart will remain in the UK, alongside the facilities of Caterham F1 Team in Oxfordshire and Caterham Technology & Innovation in Norfolk, which specialises in advanced concepts, lightweight structures, enhanced powertrains, control systems, advanced materials and manufacturing technologies.

Renault will sell 50% of its stake in Automobiles Alpine Renault to create an even partnership with Caterham, from January the company will be called the Société des Automobiles Alpine Caterham.

Bernard Ollivier Vice President, Transformation of Renault said;

The road map for each car is clear and simple: respect the DNA of both Alpine and Caterham Cars. With the passion and expertise of the staff dedicated to this project, we are sure of meeting this aim

The model will form the first phase of a development plan for Caterham Cars as it combines technologies and knowledge from the Caterham Group, which now includes the Caterham F1 Team, Caterham Technology & Innovation and Caterham Composites.

Although no detailed plans have been revealed at this stage The new car is likely to be similar in specification to the Alpine A110-50 concept unveiled by Renault earlier this year.

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