DSM FiberCore & Heijmans Create The Worlds Longest Hybrid Composite Bridge

Construction companies, infrastructure developers and composites experts worked together to create the longest hybrid composite bridge in the world which is 3 times lighter compared to a concrete and steel alternative.

A hybrid bridge was created, featuring a composite deck and steel structure, the deck panels of the bridge are manufactured using composite resins along with a customised adhesive developed to glue the composite decks to the steel frame. Despite dramatically reduced weight the bridge is three times lighter than a concrete and steel alternative and can carry traffic in the heaviest weight class (60-ton traffic).

The 140 metre long bridge was installed in less than 48 hours, in one piece, over a weekend. The lightweight structure required less construction equipment and increased the installation speed, ensuring minimal driver disruption on one of the busiest roads in the Netherlands.

Jurre van der Ven, Innovation Manager from Heijmans explains;

The hybrid lightweight bridge project over the A27 was genuinely groundbreaking, and confirmed that if all parties are willing to work together in a spirit of true collaboration, remarkable things are possible. At Heijmans, we are constantly looking for the next advances in terms of materials and transport infrastructure. With DSM’s innovative portfolio and knowhow in resins and FiberCore’s expertise in fibre-reinforced structures it was clear to us at a very early stage that collaborating with them would open up exciting opportunities.

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