Toray Want to Quadruple Carbon Fibre Sales by 2020

President Akihiro Nikkaku has announced that the company aims to increase sales in carbon fibre to 300 billion yen be 2020 nearly four times the current level.

The company will market its carbon fibres for various applications including containers for transporting shale gas, and also strive for orders from manufacturers of aircraft and auto bodies.

At the moment Toray controls about 30% of the global carbon fibre market and this business segment will generate at least 80 billion yen for the current year through to March.

As previously reported the company plans to launch a new plant in South Korea in January and will enhance facilities in Ehime Prefecture and the U.S., with plans to raise its output capacity 50% by 2015.

Toray will continue with aggressive expansion in carbon fibre operations and expects global demand for carbon fibre to grow around 16% a year. And Nikkaku suggested that further investments are being considered.

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