Embraer’s Portugal Composites Facility Sends first Legacy 500 Parts

Embraer has completed the first shipset in composite material in its Embraer Compósitos factory in Évora, Portugal. This first part, a Legacy 500 empennage, has been shipped to Embraer headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

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As production of the new Legacy 500 aircraft gets closer the shipment of the forst empennage from Portugal to Brazil is a significant milestone for the Embraer composites team, Paulo Marchioto, President of Embraer Portugal and Board member at Embraer Compósitos

With close support from Brazil, the team at Embraer Compósitos has demonstrated great skill allowing us, in a very short time since inauguration, to deliver such a sophisticated part.

The empennage is made mainly of carbon fibre parts. It was assembled in a semi-automatic line in one of two Embraer plants in Évora, allowing for higher efficiency in operations like drilling and riveting of primary structures made in composite.

Embraer announced Évora as the chosen location for Embraer Compósitos back in 2008. The new centre was completed and inaugurated in September 2012, together with Embraer Metálicas, also in Évora. With 37,100 and 31,800-square metres respectively, Embraer Metálicas and Embraer Compósitos will reach full production capacity during the second quarter of 2013.

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