BodyJet Jetpack

Sick of trying to fight your way through the morning rush to get to work? then you might need to get your hands on this carbon fibre clad composites jetpack.

The Body Jet is a prototype of a personal flying machine designed for both civilian and military use. Powered by a small, lightweight jet engine that has several hours autonomy, the jet pack operates with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). A specially designed helmet is worn by the user. The black and yellow jet pack is manufactured primarily in carbon fibre composite materials. The landing gear/cradle is designed to rotate and retract to a horizontal position during flight. A deployable parachute is seamlessly incorporated behind the pilot’s head in case of emergency.

Marc Newson the creator of the BodyJet describes the concept as

a small object you could strap yourself into—which is not a new idea and was tried as long ago as the 1950s, but no one has succeeded in making a commercial reality or even managed to do it cleverly, not to mention with good looks.