Alpaca Carbon Fibre Adventure Guitar

The Alpaca guitar is a new kickstarter project by Chris Duncan, The inspiration came when he was camping through Arizona, New Mexico and Utah dragging along a cheap guitar with dreams of campfires, lake side relaxation, and hill-top views with the trusty instrument in tow.

The guitar however never made it 15 feet from the vehicle. It was too big, heavy, and delicate to take along. It was on this trip the idea came for an adventure guitar; An instrument rugged enough to go anywhere, handle the rigors of hiking, and withstand the sparks from a bonfire.

A year and a number of prototypes later the Alpaca guitar was created, the rugged build is composed of Flax fabrics, carbon fibre, and pine sap derived eco resins, this composite combination produces an incredibly lightweight and strong instrument with a brilliant, resonant sound.

You can reserve your Alpaca on Kickstarter for a starting price of US$390, which is 30 per cent off the final retail price.