LA100 GoPro Autonomous UAV

The folks over at Lehmann Aviation have released a new fully autonomous UAV drone, the LA100 is the world’s first aircraft designed for the users with no piloting background that you can attach a gopro camera to.

Thanks to its foam and carbon fibre construction the little drone weights less than 1kg and has a wingspan under 1 metre. You can mount your GoPro in 2 different positions: on the top of the wing for Oblique images (Hero, Hero2 or Hero3) or at the bottom of the wing for Vertical images (Hero3 only). You can also choose to fly with 2 cameras at the same time.


To get this thing flying simply set the GoPro to record, connect the battery, launch it into the air and it will return to you after 5 mins of pre-programmed airtime,

Whilst in the air the drone will reach heights of around 80-100 metres with speeds between 20-80 km/h. The whole system, ready to fly, is yours for 990€ (without GoPro camera) and is available to purchase from the Lehmann Aviation website