CPIC Fiberglass Introduces New Production Line in Brazil

After three months of rebuilding, CPIC Brasil inaugurates its new production line, as a result of the acquisition of new equipments, structural reforms and professional training for its technical staff. The modernisation project will provide conditions for the unit to expand its production capacity up to 60%, allowing also an enlargement of the production portfolio.

The CPIC factory in Brazil
The CPIC factory in Brazil

CPIC Brasil is located in the city of Capivari, in the countryside of São Paulo. With 350 employees, the company is considered one of the main manufactures of fiberglass reinforcements in Brazil, responsible for 40% of the domestic market supplying. Its production is dedicated not only to multi end and single rovings, chopped strands and chopped strand mats production, but also to imported wide range of products from CPIC China.

The installation of a new glass fusion oven is one of the main new features of the modernisation project. The modernisation will allow CPIC to increase production of standard products like rovings and fibreglass as well allowing new products to be added to the manufacturing range.


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