Lamborghini Edition impec Racing Bike

Ok so you missed out on getting a Lamborghini Veneno and you really wanted to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th birthday, well BMC Racing might just have something for you.

The company have teamed up with Lambo again to release The 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec full carbon racing bike.

This full carbon fibre bike combines Italian flair and tradition with modern technology. An exclusive set of Italian made components equips the impec frame, which is then painstakingly painted to highlight the precise carbon assembly while at the same time linking the complete work to Lamborghini’s Aventador dream car.

Additional details have been incorporated from the Aventador, including the same leather used by Lamborghini for their seats. This hide makes its way to the impec’s cockpit for bar tape and saddle. The colour, the feel, and the look are all authentic and exclusive to the Lamborghini Edition impec.

Lamborghini produces carbon bodywork just next to BMC’s headquarters in Sant’Agata, Bologna, while BMC replaced traditional carbon frame laminate processes with a fully-automated production process at its headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. Both companies simultaneously unveiled their newest facilities and technologies back in 2010.

Only 50 of these stunning bikes are being made available and will set you back around €25,000.

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[Images: BMC Racing]