Prodrive Introduce New Coloured Carbon Composite Process

Prodrive have developed advanced carbon composite components in a range of colours that can be produced to the highest quality standards required for luxury products across a wide range of industries

The new process is the result of a six month, in-house development programme that focussed on quality and durability, Prodrive’s composites manager Ian Handscombe said;

We’ve validated the technique with samples in really gorgeous, deep shades of maroon and British Racing Green under a glass-like lacquer, it’s a substantial step beyond conventional carbon trim finishes, offering something very special for exclusive vehicle options and other luxury products.

The proprietary manufacturing process combines technical innovation with the very high levels of craft skills, the resulting components are chip resistant, UV stable and highly consistent in both colour and finish. The first application is expected to be for a European car manufacturer, with marine and aviation applications following.


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