Unitech Composites Becomes Qualified Airbus Supplier

Unitech Composites, an AGC Aerospace & Defense Company has achieved qualification as a manufacturing supplier to the Airbus global supply chain for A350 platforms.

The company is now qualified for Airbus manufacturing and process specifications including the manufacture of monolithic parts with thermoset pre-preg materials and the machining of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) components, among others.

Tim Shuburg, General Manager at Unitech said;

This distinction is a testament to the value Unitech provides Airbus and a reflection of the company’s strength in the aerospace and defence industry, we are very proud to become a North American supplier for Airbus, and this partnership serves as the model as we continue to strategically realign and diversify our customer base.

The A350’s airframe is constructed out of advanced materials combining composite structures with titanium and advanced aluminium alloys. Initially, Unitech will produce assemblies to support both the wing structures and fuselage programs.


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