Chomarat Launching New Line of Spread Carbon Fabrics

Chomarat is extending its line of carbon reinforcements with C-Weave SP, a new line of spread carbon fabrics for composite parts with high aesthetic performance requirements.

Made especially for the high-end automotive, sports & leisure, luggage,and telephone markets C-Weave SP spread carbon fabric is made with 200 g/m2 3K fibres and is available in plain or twill weave. Chomarat claims the product achieves a 99% spreading rate compared to the usual average 85-92% rate. At this rate, it is possible to obtain carbon composite parts with a surface layer that is 20% lighter (compared to 245 g/m2 3K fibres), with impeccable surface quality and optimised aesthetics, performance and cost.

Chomarat worked on the choice of raw materials, production process and quality control, all of which are crucial selection criteria for this type of technically demanding product.


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