BGF Introduce New Composite Fabric

A strategic partnership between BGF Industries and Innegra Technologies produces the next generation of lightweight, high-performance fabrics for composites

Since its inception, BGF’s Aerialite fabrics have been the preferred brand for professional surfers and water sports enthusiasts worldwide. Now, BGF Industries, manufacturer of Aerialite and other high performance materials, unveils Aerialite X, created in collaboration with specialty fibre manufacturer, Innegra Technologies™.

Aerialite X is designed using a wide range of fibre combinations from 100% Innegra to Innegra hybrid designs. This latest advancement comprises Innegra fibre co-mingled as part of the fibre matrix in both glass and carbon with other fibres coming soon. The result is an exceptionally durable fabric, a combination of Innegra H hybrid fibres and BGF’s own custom designs.

The world-wide demand for more durable, lighter weight materials has created high growth in the composites industry. For high-impact applications in surfboards, SUP boards, auto racing and protective sports equipment, BGF claim that Aerialite X delivers the impact resistance, damage tolerance and vibration reduction critical for today’s extreme sports. Incorporating Innegra, the lightest structural fibre currently available, Aerialite X provides unmatched toughness while also reducing weight. Additionally, Innegra fibres are hydrophobic (do not absorb moisture) and are hydrolytically stable for resistance to chemical breakdown below the waterline.