Jushi Fires up the Furness in Egypt

Fibreglass manufacturer Jushi have announced the opening of its new factory in Egypt

The 80,000 ton/year fibreglass production capacity line in Egypt was started up on November the 27th with production planned to roll out in the second half of December.

The construction of the line began back in early 2012 and finally was completed after 22 months, Jushi had originally planned to begin production earlier but due to political unrest in the country they decided to delay the project.

The project will mark a major step of Jushi Group on its internationalisation path and enable Jushi Group to enhance its core competitiveness by using the local resources and locating production near customers and to speed up the process of reducing the export volume from domestic production locations and supplying products from overseas locations to overseas customers.

Located near the Red Sea in the Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, which is a national-level overseas industrial park. The new facility will have a total planned capacity of 200,000 tons with 80,000 tons projected for the first phase of the project. Having this new facility will allow the company to better serve the European, Middle East and Indian markets, reducing delivery times and improving customer service. The product mix of the plant will mainly consist of direct roving, assembled roving and chopped strands.