RTP Company Introduce new Carbon Fibre Thermoplastic Compounds

RTP Company has introduced a new “ultra performance” compounds based on carbon fibre reinforced PEEK, PPA, PPS, and PEI resin systems to create the highest performing thermoplastic products available

Manufactured using advanced compounding techniques that maximise fibre integrity, the company say these new ultra performance structural compounds achieve strength and stiffness properties higher than previously available products. Combining the higher mechanical properties and lower densities of carbon fibre with the excellent thermal and chemical resistance provided by using high temperature resin systems allows these injection mouldable thermoplastic materials to close the performance gap between plastics and metals.

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Material Density
Tensile Strength
Specific Strength
RTP 2887 Ultra Performance
PEEK w/40% carbon fibre
1.45 305 210
RTP 2187 Ultra Performance
PEI w/ 40% carbon fibre
1.43 255 178
RTP 4087 Ultra Performance
PPA w/ 40% carbon fibre
1.39 360 259
RTP 1387 Ultra Performance
PPS w/ 40& carbon fibre
1.48 260 176
Zinc die casting allow
6.60 285 43
A380 AI
Cast aluminium allow
2.76 324 117
6061-T6 AI
Tempered aluminium alloy
2.70 310 115


Products are available in high temperature resin systems with carbon fibre reinforcement loadings from 20-40% to provide performance options that meet a broad range of requirements for demanding applications in energy, industrial, aerospace, automotive, and medical markets that previously required aluminum, zinc, and magnesium metals.

Matt Torosian, High Temperature Product Manager at RTP Company said;

These materials will allow more product designers to take advantage of the design freedoms plastics offer. That translates into weight reduction opportunities, having the ability to overcome design limitations through part consolidation and optimisation, and to reduce manufacturing cost and shorten production time by obtaining net shape parts through a one-step injection molding process that eliminates secondary operations.

In addition to structural characteristics, RTP Company can incorporate other capabilities during compounding, such as wear and friction resistance at high pressure/velocity ratios without needing external lubricants. PEEK, PEI, and PPS materials are inherently flame retardant and often chosen for their low burning toxicity, but flame retardants can also be added to PPA to increase product safety.

Ultra Performance Structural Compounds and all other products from RTP Company are available and supported worldwide through their global facilities that provide technical support from design through finished part production.

For more information on this product, you can download their product bulletin here.