Tencate & Adler sign new Alfa Romeo 4C Supply Agreement

Following the development agreement between TenCate Advanced Composites and the Adler Group, an exclusive supply agreement has been reached for the use of carbon fibre composite prepreg material on the Alfa Romeo 4C chassis.

This advanced material is being used for the production of the entire monocoque of the new 4C. The central passenger cell reduces vehicle weight and creates a highly rigid and safe basic structure.

The project will use prepreg materials taken from the manufacturing facility in Nottingha, Mr. Frank Meurs, group director of TenCate Advanced Composites EMEA, said;

This innovative project with the Adler Group is a major breakthrough for TenCate, as it is the first OEM project of this size in the automotive industry and is seen as a high profile application

The support provided by TenCate to Adler has continued beyond the development phase of the project, with sales of Alfa Romeo forecast to reach up to three thousand cars per year. The two parties have agreed that an investment will be made to enable local production of the composite material, in order to optimise the logistic process and comply with “just in time” requirements needed for this important Alfa Romeo automotive programme. In addition, TenCate and Adler will work jointly on innovations for new automotive-related projects.