Koenigsegg One:1

A new challenger for the “fastest production car in the world” has been unveiled at this years Geneva motor show by those carbon fibre crazy people over at Koenigsegg.

The Koenigsegg One:1 is the latest hyper car to emerge from their garages in Sweden, under that bonnet sits a state of the art turbocharged V8 engine, capable of kicking out 1,360 horses and 737 pound per feet of torque, giving a top speed of around 280 miles per hour, thus making it the fastest production car in the world.

Koenigsegg and their in-house composites development team have been burning the innovation candle at both ends when creating the One:1. The car uses a new weave of carbon fibre that is around 40 percent lighter than materials used on previous Koenigsegg models, and just looking at the car it doesn’t take very long to sport where its being utilised, almost everything on this car is made from carbon, even the sun visors!

The body of the car has been made using a pre-impregnated carbon fibre/kevlar and a lightweight sandwich reinforcement, the chassis of the car is made from advanced high modulus carbon with a honeycomb core and the custom made Michelin cup tires hug the new upgraded Koenigsegg Aircore carbon fibre wheels. All this fanatical weight saving means the car, with half a tank of fuel weights in at an impressive 1,360kgs.

All six of the cars planned for production and the development prototype have already been sold, but if you were in the market to buy the One:1 it would have reportedly cost you around the $2 million dollars mark.