The Chandelier Made from Carbon Fibre

From the studios of Italian designers LU Murano comes a carbon fibre alternative to their standard glass chandeliers.

The “TechnoLUgy” chandelier is a combination of fine craftsmanship and cutting edge materials. Made using moulds from their standard blown glass versions, the lightweight composite materials make this chandelier up 10 times lighter, stronger and much easier to maintain which would be good news for Rodney and Delboy.

While carbon fibre doesn’t have the transparency of the traditional glass counterpart it does have an almost endless colour choice as well as the ability to change the texture and pattern capability, making it easily customisable to the customers needs.

Master glassmaker and designer Fabrio Fornasier said;

Precisely owing to the material it is made of, this chandelier is an indubitable departure from Murano chandelier making, but it’s the start of a new voyage in the matching of diverse materials. An experiment that I believe in a lot and that I have been carrying on for some time. It will interpret a chandelier in a more present-day fashion and will bring craftsmanship closer to design and art.