Composites Horizons Announce New Ceramic Matrix Composites Facility

Composites Horizons has announce the creation of a new Ceramic Matrix Composite facility next to its existing Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) facilities in Covina, CA.

The 35,000 square foot building will be dedicated to the manufacturing of sophisticated oxide ceramic matrix composites.

Included with CHI’s expansion is an $11 million investment in new equipment and processes for all four existing facilities. The new facility will house a 4,000 square feet clean room with a dedicated ply cutter, laser projection and a team of personnel trained in oxide ceramic production. The new facility will also include a 15,000 square feet assembly area and a sintering furnace with 8 cubic feet capacity and 2500°F temperature capability. Ultimately, the building will include two dedicated autoclaves, an additional production sintering furnace, a smaller development furnace, 5-axis CMC machining centres, quality inspection capability for CMC products, and house the company’s executive offices.

Also included in the expansion are three 5 axis CMC mills to be added to current machining capabilities and a new high temperature 12’ x 25’ autoclave installed adjacent to its current 10’ x 20’ 800°F autoclave in the high temperature PMC lay-up building.

Along with the expansion the company has also announced that they have been selected by GE Aviation as a supplier of components for an exhaust system for a key business aircraft engine program. This award represents the largest contract in CHI’s 30-year history. High temperature CMC’s will enable manufacturers to reduce engine weight and improve efficiency.