Futuristic Citycopter Concept Could Reinvent Your Commute

Edward Galvani has designed the Fly Citycopter, a futuristic helicopter geared towards the daily commuter. This high tech copter is designed to zip around the skys at speeds of up to 120 mph avoiding those lengthy morning jams.

The citycopter draws power from the sun with solar panels fitted to the exterior of the craft, these generate energy during the flight for the rechargeable electric engine that works at 320hp, powered by a Lithium Ion Battery which allows around 300 miles/150min of autonomy, 6h for full battery recharging and easy removable battery system for continuous flight.

With very light structure, the copter is mostly made from carbon fibre composites, aluminium and titanium and has part of its careen covered with solar cells which allows it to generate energy during the flight. In case of rotor fail, the safe system launches its automatic central parachute which holds all the vehicle.

The copter has been designed for auto take-off, piloting, landing and computer enabled flight planning. The cockpit has been decked out with all the gadgets, it has a joystick with up to six configurable buttons, touch screen panel with flight management system and of course the most important thing, cup holders for that morning caffeine fix. What do you think, can you see this concept taking off or is it just pie in the sky?