Bloodhound SSC

BLOODHOUND SSC Lifts the Lid on Its Carbon Fibre Cockpit

The state-of-the-art cockpit of the Bloodhound SSC have been unveiled as Andy Green and the team continue preparations to break the land speed record in the South African deserts next year.

Hand crafted using five different types of carbon fibre weave and two different resins, the carbon fibre monocoque has taken more than 10,000 hours to design and manufacture. Sandwiched between the layers of carbon fibre are three different thicknesses of aluminium honeycomb core (8, 12 and 20mm), which provide additional strength. At its thickest point the monocoque comprises of 13 individual layers but is just 25mm in cross-section.

The structure weighs 200kg and bolts directly to the metallic rear chassis carrying the jet, rocket and racing car engine. The carbon front section will have to endure peak aerodynamic loads of up to three tonnes per square metre at 1,000mph (1,609kph) as well the considerable forces generated by the front wheels and suspension. It will also carry ballistic armour to protect the driver should a stone be thrown up by the front wheels at very high speeds.