OCSiAl Acquires Zyvex Technologies

OCSiAl has announced at a press conference at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference that it has acquired Zyvex Technologies, forming the worlds largest nano technology company.

The new partnership will combine large-scale manufacturing capabilities with commercialisation expertise – unleashing limitless potential for enhanced consumer products across the globe.

OCSiAl is known for creating the world’s largest low-cost and scalable production of graphene tubes under the brand name TUBALL, while Zyvex Technologies is the acknowledged leader in the field of carbon nanomaterial applications. Zyvex’ nanotechnology-based products are already integrated in a number of products, ranging from Easton sporting goods to Airbus next generation materials research.

Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies said;

We are thrilled to join OCSiAl, Zyvex was the first recognised nano materials company in the United States. Now with support from OCSiAl, Zyvex will be in an even better position to bring the potential of nanotechnology into powerful commercial reality.

Zyvex Technologies will continue to operate with its own distinct brand identity and product line while contributing to the growth of OCSiAl. The combined team will have a presence on six continents and will have 160 dedicated business and R&D staff.