AGY and Taishan Begin Production of New Glassfibre

AGY has announced the start of production of a new glassfibre in conjunction with Taishan.

The material which was developed by AGY, will be produced by Taishan Fiberglass to fill the cost and performance gap between traditional E-Glass products and higher performance glass products.

Taishan Fiberglass is a subsidiary of China National Material Co., Ltd., Major products from the company include E-Glass rovings, TCR roving, chopped strand mat, yarn, chopped strands, multi axial fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven roving, etc.

The new glass was developed primarily for the wind energy market with input from blade and turbine manufacturers. While AGY and Taishan are targeting the wind energy market with S–1 HM, they both believe the material has potential for many other industrial applications. The company say that the new glass is mechanically superior to E-Glass, but less expensive that the high end glasses on the market.