Cytec and Dralon Announce Carbon Fibre Collaboration

Cytec and Dralon has announced a strategic collaboration to explore opportunities for industrial grade Carbon Fibre production

The demand for large tow carbon fibre is expected to grow significantly over the coming years, and Cytec along with German acrylic fibre manufacturer Dralon want to support the exploration and development of large tow industrial grade carbon fibre.

The companies are actively pursuing the development of carbon fibre based composites for the next addressable serial automotive market. Large scale adoption will necessitate the need for a strong supply chain of industrial grade, or high tow fibres, that offer low-cost supply and continuity.

Cytec will work with Dralon to evaluate the most appropriate solution to address this market, including potential joint investment. Dralon’s manufacturing experience in acrylic fibre production will make for a good strategic partner to explore the possibilities together, including conversion of an existing acrylic fibre production lines for the manufacture of high-quality heavy-tow precursor as well as investment in new carbon fibre lines.