Exelis Expands Composite Capability to Offer New Product Line

Exelis has announced the company has expanded its product line by licensing patented manufacturing technology from Belgium based Bodair

Bodair is a technology company that works in the design and development of carbon fibre applications for the aerospace sector. The company’s investment in research and development has advanced the use of composite materials in aircraft applications and produced innovative manufacturing processes.

Using Bodiar’s manufacturing processes Exelis will now produce composite struts, tubes and rods for commercial and military aircraft applications. The new Exelis STaR product line expands the company’s aerostructures range and supports the aerospace industry’s requirement for high-performance, light-weight structural products.

Exelis will use the new tech to create a variety of composite components including floor beams, wing box struts, control rods and torque tubes. The unique technology allows Exelis to rapidly develop and reconfigure the products design, offering the capability to produce monolithic carbon fibre struts or integrate metallic fittings during the automated manufacturing process.

Mike Blair, vice president and general manager of Exelis Aerostructures said;

The newly acquired technology provides Exelis with a competitive advantage as the aerospace industry continues to expand the use of composites looking for new opportunities to reduce the weight of aircraft. The STaR product line offers customers significant weight savings without compromising strength and durability. The combination of the unique manufacturing process and automation technology positions us to meet the market demands with the ability to produce upward of 40,000 STaR parts per year.

Providing structural aerospace parts has been identified as one of four strategic growth platforms for the company. Exelis will produce the STaR products at its composite design and manufacturing centre in Salt Lake City.