Month: August 2014


New Carbon-Reinforced Clothing Protects Cyclists from Road Rash

Nothing says pain more than coming off your bike at speed, using the road as your break, and any rider…

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Business News

Russell Athletic & Boeing Breath New Life into Old Carbon Fibre

Russell Brands LLC and Boeing has announced they are to team up to incorporate excess carbon fibre from the 787…

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Ferrari Carbon Fibre Chess Set

Formula One, like chess is about strategy and making your move at the right time, well now thanks to the…

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Business News

Quatro Composites Opens New Facility Expansion

Quatro Composites hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony last week to open the company’s new $11.8 million expansion project. Quatro Composites…

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Commute in Prehistoric Style on This Homemade Raptor Trike

Norwegian artist Markus Moestue has hand-made this Raptor trike to go on a trip across Norway The Raptors head body and…

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London Underground Looking at Composites to Reduce Delays

The London Underground has turned to composite materials in search of new ways to improve its service and reduce delays…

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