3D Printed Falcon Is New Flying Robot Scarecrow

A Dutch company has come up with this high-tech alternative to Worzel Gummidge, a 3D printed robot bird of prey that fly’s just like the real thing scaring away birds from airports and crop fields.

Named Robirds, these little chaps are made from 3D printed nylon stretched over glass fibre composites, using their foam wings they can copy the silhouette and wing movements of the real thing.

The company has prototyped a remote control eagle and peregrine falcon and are testing them in the field at a number of waste management sites. Early trials seem to be going well with wild bird numbers at the sites dropping by around 75%.

It’s hoped in future the team can create self-guided robirds to fly around airports, the large open areas are the ideal resting place for birds and collisions between our flying friends and aircrafts can be a major problem.