New Coloured Carbon Fibre Used to Make Halo Chair

Hypetex have teamed up with designer Michael Sodeau to create this exclusive lounge chair which will be on display at this years designjunction show in September.

Entitled Halo, the lightweight chair is produced entirely from Hypetex carbon, thin tapered supports connect the circular back to the rear legs giving the impression that the back is floating independently from the seat.

The new carbon fibre material was developed by engineers working in the F1 industry, from what we’re told by Hypetex the carbon fibre goes through a colouring process at the point of manufacture and can be produced to match virtually any colour with a wide range of optional finishes also available.

Because of the materials aesthetic design potential it’s being looked at by a number of automotive manufacturers and designers. The product is currently undergoing a wide range of strength and environmental tests which will include an examination of mechanical performance and environmental stability. These tests will determine fundamental parameters such as the ultimate tensile strength, strain and elasticity of the coloured carbon.