AIP Aerospace Creates New Business Structure

Since the company’s creation back in 2012 AIP the company has grown through both acquisition and organic growth, the company plans to focus on factory automation in a bid to increase aircraft build rates which is driving customer demands for increased productivity and lower manufacturing costs.

The new structure will mean that the company will be organised into two Groups, Tooling and Integration;

The Ascent Tooling Group which will include Coast Composites, Odyssey Industries, and Global Tooling Systems, combined, will offer customers the widest set of unique capabilities and the largest tooling capacity in the industry.

Ascent Integration & Automation Group which includes Ascent Integration, Brown Aerospace, and Flow Aerospace will focus on customers requirements and technology developments, consolidating their design, controls and automation expertise. Ascent Integration will leverage Ascent Tooling Group’s fabrication and assembly jig capabilities positioning it to offer customers both integrated turnkey assembly line designs and essential hardware.

Brian Williams, CEO of AIP Aerospace said;

Organising Ascent Aerospace as two Groups allows each to focus on specific technologies and capabilities required for their business, enabling coordination and synergistic support between the two. Both Groups share common customers, allowing Ascent Aerospace to leverage its marketing and sales reach, offer products and services at multiple levels, and provide a one-stop product offering.

The company also has further plans to include an engineering services organisation, Ascent Engineering, which will provide design and analysis services to both internal and external customers.