Boeing to Expand Its St. Louis Composites Facility

Boeing has announced that the new parts for the 777X would be made at the companies St Louis, bringing back work that is currently being performed overseas.

The design for major composite parts of the wing and tail on the new 777X will be done in St. Louis which will generate around 700 jobs at peak production. The parts built by the St. Louis team will support 777X work at the composite wing centre in Washington, home of the 777X program. The new composite wing centre is currently under construction and will be more than 1 million square feet.

Bob Feldmann, vice president and general manager, 777X program, Boeing Commercial Airplanes said;

Boeing has outstanding capability, resources and experience across the company and the 777X program will leverage that skill base. A program of this size requires that we bring together all of the talent that Boeing has to offer.

Earlier this year, Boeing selected the Everett site in Washington as the location for a new composite wing centre for the 777X program. In this facility, Boeing will perform fabrication and assembly of the 777X’s composite wing. Additionally, Boeing will perform final assembly of the 777X in Everett.

To accommodate this production work, Boeing will expand its current St. Louis composites facility, which will begin producing parts for the 777X program in 2017.