Carbon Fibre Super-Yacht Set to Break Records

The super yacht measures 100 feet long by 30 feet wide and has a main mast stepped further towards the stern than most other boats for better performance, although much of the vessels technical specifications remain a closely guarded secret, the crew have revealed a few snippets on the ships design.

The hull of the Comanche has been composed mainly of pre-preg composite fibres, making it one of the largest single-infusion hulls in the world. This forced the manufacturers to transform its U.S facility in to an oven, one that was bigger than the boat itself and could bake the fibres as hull construction moved forward.

American skipper Ken Read has been given the task of pushing the Comanche beyond its predicted top speed of around 35 miles per hour, breaking records along the way. After the inaugural race in Sydney, Ken and the crew have some big dates on the calendar with the billionaire owner registering the vessel to challenge in the Transatlantic, Transpac, Fastnet, and Middle Sea races in 2015.