Haydale Buys EPL Composite Solutions

A specialist in design, development and commercialisation of advanced composite polymer materials, EPL Composites spans the entire development cycle from applied research, product design, process development, product testing and certification, to setting up manufacturing plants. This acquisition will maximise EPL’s access to the nano-enhanced composites market and is expected to significantly boost Haydale’s sales potential.
Haydale and EPL have already collaborated on a number of projects, and the acquisition of is a significant step towards monetising Haydale’s proprietary technology for incorporating graphene and other nano-enhancing fillers into composites. The introduction of nanofillers to EPL’s product range will produce the added benefits of impermeable barriers, conductivity and reduced weight with improved strength and stiffness. These benefits are set to have a great impact on the development of future composite structures, with significant potential for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Ray Gibbs, CEO at Haydale, said;

This acquisition is a major step towards securing sales in the global composites market. The rapidly growing composites industry is known for the early adoption of new technologies and is one of the major markets known for its willingness to embrace disruptive technology and introduce innovative new materials.