3D Printed RC Car Powered by 16 Foot Elastic Band

Three students at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena have created this stunning radio controlled car from 3D printed plastics and carbon fibre that is being propelled using a 16 foot long elastic band.

Named the Cirin, this awesome vehicle has been designed and built by Max Greenberg, Ian Cullimore and Sameer Yeleswarapu to take part in the Formula E race at the art centre. The cars engine is a 16-foot long rubber band contained in a carbon fibre tube that runs the full length of the vehicle. This rubber horse power allows the car to reach a top speed of around 30 mph for around 100 metres. A bunch of battery powered electronics are used on-board for breaking, steering and wireless communications with its controller.

Manufacturing of the body was sponsored by 3D printing company Solidconcepts, and utilises a process called selective laser sintering using a proprietary nylon powder formulation. The single unibody construction ensures controlled tolerances of mechanical components and just about removes the need for fasteners. The bio-truss structure is built to withstand extreme stresses put on the frame by the wound band.



Photos Copyright: Max Greenberg