Hungarian Musician Reveals Futuristic Carbon Fibre Piano

This futuristic instrument does away with most of the wood traditionally used when making grand pianos like the Steinway, opting instead for advanced carbon fibre composites, with almost every single one of the 18,000 components being redesigned.

While this piano does contain wood and iron normally found in a grand piano like a Steinway, the Bogányi also uses a proprietary carbon fibre soundboard, made from more than 20 carbon composite layers woven one on top of the other. This means that the piano is unaffected by humidity or dryness and is weatherproof for outdoor concerts. The exterior of the piano stands on two legs instead of the traditional three, this is designed to better project the sound into the auditorium.

Expert pianists have been commenting on the new piano and agree that the sound it produces is entirely new. Karoly Reisinger, CEO of New York piano repair shop Klavierhaus, was ’mesmerised at the sound he said brought lyrical qualities back to the piano after a century of power-focused development.

The piano will go on sale later this year however Boganyi does not know how much each one will cost yet, but he says ‘with these materials it will not be cheap.’