TenCate Signs Long Term Supply Deal with Kestrel Aircraft

TenCate Advanced Composites in North America have signed a long-term composite materials supply agreement with Kestrel Aircraft, headquartered in Wisconsin.

The new all composite turboprop Kestrel K–350 will utilise the latest epoxy prepreg system of TenCate. The epoxy system features superior hot/wet strength retention, the ability to cure at either 275°F or 350°F, and can be processed with a free-standing post cure for higher temperature performance.

The Kestrel K–350 is an all-composite single-engine, turboprop aircraft that will carry up to 8 people at high speed over long distances. The Kestrel’s aerodynamic lines and large pressurised cabin are the direct result of advanced composite construction.

Joe Morris, President TenCate Advanced Composites North America said;

TenCate is pleased to be the composite supplier to Kestrel Aircraft. This long-term supply agreement represents the continuation of a long-term successful relationship we have had with the Kestrel management team. We look forward to first flight and certification.