The Carbon Fibre Chair Lighter than a Bottle of Pop

At just over 2 kgs this chair weighs a little bit less than a two litre bottle of pop and can hold the weight of a 20 stone human. The chair’s hollow frame is made by inflating an airbag between two sheets of carbon fibre, this is then processed and cured. Once the air has been removed, what you have left is a virtually indestructible carbon shell.

The designer has been researching the material properties of carbon fibre for over 10 years. In that time Young worked as a consultant for bike manufacturer Giant on a series of designs to bring the sports industry closer to the fashion world.

Young originally from Sunderland in the UK said;

The chair’s structure and form was developed as a result of working with a factory that is exceptional in creating high performance bikes. The technology is ideal for applying to the development of an exceedingly lightweight stacking chair. We wanted to design a carbon fibre chair that is truly functional and ergonomic. The material has been used economically and has been designed to rigorous technical guidelines.


The stackable chair took nearly three years to develop with premium furnishings company Coalesse and can be customised in pretty much any Pantone colour you desire.