Ferrari Wants Your Feedback on New F1 Concept

Ferrari’s in-house design studio Centro Stile Ferrari teamed up with its racing teams aerodynamics division to create the concept car.

The design is a complete change from how the current crop of Formula One cars look whilst still sticking to the FIA’s technical rules. Last season the teams came under a bit of criticism for some of the designs on show, with most of the rage pointed towards the nose cone area.

[padding type=”small_left”][quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Would it be possible to come up with an F1 car which not only is technologically advanced, but also captivating to the eye and aggressive-looking? And could this be made without having to overturn the current technical rules?[/quote_colored][/padding]
The new concept was revealed as the F1 commission met to discuss the future of the sport in Geneva.In that meeting the commission rejected proposals to completely re-work the sports regulations for the 2016 season.

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Ferrari is asking for your thoughts on the design, so if you want to have your say follow this link. McLaren and Red Bull have also produced some concept ideas for new F1 cars at a recent strategy group meeting, but both teams declined to release these images to the public.