McLaren Reveal Its Latest Carbon Fibre Supercar

The coupé-only 675LT is above McLaren’s 650s coupé and Spider in its super series lineup and sports a 3.8 litre V8 engine, which gets you to 60 mph in just under 3 seconds with a top speed of 205 mph.

The LT in the name refers to its long-tail aerodynamic design, something first used on the 1997 F1 Longtail, the cars active air brake is 50% bigger than the one fitted to the 650S and runs from the extended carbon fibre front splitter through an extended door blade and cooling intake, to the circular and titanium forged, twin titanium exhaust pipes.

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Now this is a McLaren so you won’t be let down on the carbon fibre front, weight reduction has been a key focus throughout the development, and carbon fibre has been used extensively for the body panels, along with lightweight engine, chassis and body part structures, even the air conditioning has been removed in the pursuit of lightweight nirvana.

Below the redesigned front bumper sits a new carbon fibre splitter, which works in partnership with the front wing end plates to increase downforce. The turbulent air from the front wheel arches is ‘cleaned’ as it flows towards the rear bodywork by sculpted carbon fibre side sills which run the full length of the lower bodywork. A subtle air intake is incorporated ahead of the leading edge of the rear wheel arch, below a more pronounced side intake behind the door, both of which feed clean cool air into the side-mounted radiators.

The re-profiled design flows into the lines of the new carbon fibre rear wings. Two circular exhaust pipes, made from titanium, exit centrally through exposed bodywork below the rear wing. Despite a more complex design, the bespoke crossover system is designed to optimise performance and reduce weight. The rear deck and sections flanking the exhaust pipes remain exposed; designed to evacuate hot air from the engine bay as efficiently as possible, while a lightweight polycarbonate rear screen features further louvres. A louvred carbon fibre rear bumper reduces air pressure over the rear wheels, while the rear design is completed with a dramatic integrated carbon fibre diffuser.

On the inside sits a pair of ultra lightweight Alcantara clad carbon fibre-shelled bucket seats, that keeps you nice and comfy without compromising the weight. A subtle 675LT logo features on the headrest of each seat, and is also present on the rev counter.

The new McLaren 675LT will make its global debut at this years Geneva Motor Show and will be priced at £260,000