Teijin to Develop Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Wood

The structural timber comprises layers of dimensioned timber and high-performance fibres bonded together with structural adhesives for use in small to medium wood buildings.

The company has designed the fibre reinforced wood using its expertise in fibre-reinforced composites, including its own aramid fibres and carbon fibres by its subsidiary Toho Tenax.

Carbon fibre reinforced wood, laminated timber that includes layers of highly rigid, thin-walled carbon fibre, achieves twice the flexural rigidity of conventional laminated timber. CFRW offers enhanced durability and design qualities for use as structural beams. The targeted development of the advanced-fibre wood is expected to extend applications to medium-rise buildings. Teijin will continue developing the advanced-fibre wood technology by incorporating high-toughness aramid fibres, highly rigid carbon fibre and other hybrid materials.

Recent seismic disasters in Japan have increased the demand for the construction of safer architectural structures. Lightweight, highly earthquake-proof wooden structures are one possible solution. Wood is also valued as a structural material offering heat resistance, design possibilities and soothing natural appearances. In addition, Japan is working actively to revive its forestry industry. The new Legislation on Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings, which was enacted in 2007, calls for the increased use of wood in low-rise public buildings, such as gymnasiums and public-service and local government buildings.