ESE Launch World Lightest Carbon Fibre Wheels

The E1 carbon fibre wheels weigh in at less than 5.22 kg and will be certified for a maximum axle weight of 1,746 kgs – equivalent to a fully loaded BMW X5.

Steel and aluminium alloys have long been the materials of choice when manufacturing car wheels. However, unlike composites these materials are prone to corrosion, are heavier and can’t be further optimised to reduce weight without sacrificing safety.

At just 5.2 kgs ESE say these are currently the lightest production carbon wheels on the market today. The company say that with the unmatched strength and stiffness to weight ratio, these wheels reduce the weight of vehicle which give the car better handling, a quieter and smoother ride, faster acceleration, quicker deceleration and improved fuel efficiency.

The E1 wheels are made using ESE Industries’ Next Generation Autoclave Process (NGAP), which combines high-speed autoclave cure with the low viscosity of the resin to achieve very low de-moulding times. The NGAP technology has all the advantages of autoclave manufacturing with a mass production approach to deliver carbon fibre composites at a price that’s not currently possible with any other production method.

The wheels are available to order from the ESE website and start from $2,000