Koenigsegg’s Latest Carbon Fibre Mega Car Is King of Geneva

In Swedish Regera means ‘to reign’ and thats just what Koenigsegg did at this years Geneva Motorshow.

We’ve seen some amazing cars from all the big players at this years Geneva Motor Show, but nothing has quite caught the eye like the Koenigsegg Regera. The Swedish company have  been bringing its brand of crazy to the world for around 20 years, and in that time we’ve seen them push boundaries, utilising the very latest materials and proceses to  bring their collection of super cars to market.
The latest car from Koenigsegg is no different to the cars that came before, in fact if anything it cranks up the bonkers just a few more notches. The Regera is a plug-in hybrid that combines three electric motors to the power of a twin turbo V8 engine that, when fused together will propel you and your screaming passenger from 0 to 248 mph in just under 20 seconds.
You might think with all this mind boggling speed, the Regera is nothing more than a track car and has been stripped down to its carbon underpants to drop a couple of trouser sizes. Well you’d be wrong, Koenigsegg wanted this to be a luxury Megacar and has filled it to the carbon fibre gills with lots of nifty tech.
Along with support for Apple CarPlay it  has 8 way electrically adjustable memory foam seats, a Koenigsegg 9” infotainment system, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, front, inner and rear camera system with recording capability, a supreme sound system, ambient lighting and many other great new features. Also anything that can open, close or move around on the can be controlled either with the remote or a smartphone app. 
One thing about Koenigsegg is that they aren’t shy to bring out the carbon fibre and lightweight composite materials. The Regera is mostly made from carbon and kevlar while aluminium is used in the suspension. The company even have their own special carbon fibre wheels, which when added to the car keep the curb weight down to under 1.7 tonnes. 
The Koenigsegg One:1 featured the world’s first top mounted active rear wing, and not to be outdone by its older cousin, the Regera has taken the solution onto a different level. The wing which is made from carbon fibre (what else!) fully folds into the bodywork, thus reducing drag whilst nipping round town.
Koenigsegg is expected to produce up 80 Regera’s in a limited run with prices starting for a cool $1.89 million plus taxes. The car on the stand in Geneva is car number one, and is around 95% complete. After the show it will be put through its paces around the track to finalise development with the first cars being delivered to their lucky new owners in 2016.

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