Meet the Kormaran, a Shape-Shifting Carbon Fibre Speedboat

This is the Kormaran, a luxury speedboat that can transform into a monohull, a catamaran and even a hydrofoil.

The 21 ft long craft can switch between six different modes and can transform into may different configurations, all while whizzing through the waves. Attached to the main hull are two outboard pontoons connected to a hydraulics system, these pontoons can be adjusted on the fly to create a catamaran and can be brought in to fit under the main hull to create a monohull. In flight mode two hydrofoils extend from underneath the boat and allow the body to sit above the water, reducing drag and increasing speed.

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Weighing just 1.5 tonnes, the Kormaran is made from carbon fibre, stainless steel and titanium, it even uses a sports car style carbon monocoque. The deck is made from teak and features a luxury leather interior filled with lots of cool gadgets, although no sign of a cup holder in the rendered drawings. The boat gets its power from a 500 hp engine that has a top speed of around 44 mph and has a range of around 200 km.

The Kormaran is the result of a £6 million, eight-year research project that’s been part funded by a member of the Porsche family. It’s expected to go into production in autumn and will cost around the million pound marker.