​Jon Olsson’s Latest Carbon Fibre Speed Machine

Professional FreeSkier and car nut Jon Olsson consistently comes up with the craziest all-weather machines, and now with a little help from his designer friends he’s come up with this Audi RS6 DTM.

For this project Olsson called up Leif Tufvesson, former chief engineer at Koenigseg to figure out how they could make the road going station wagon into something amazing, after months of planning and more planning they came up with a design they were happy with.

For the bodywork they ordered around 100 metres of special 4X4 carbon fibre used by many of the top sports car manufacturers like Pagani and McLaren. Once the body work was sorted, Olson gave the car to Stretman Motorsport and challenged them to make this thing as extreme as possible, with everyday usability.

[padding type=”small_left”][quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Since this is untested territory on the new RS6 we will just have to wait and see what kind of numbers we will actually reach[/quote_colored][/padding]

Stretman swapped out the suspension with Intrax and the biggest brake kit Motiv has for the RS6, while a Milltek sport exhaust was fitted underneath. They also installed a STM Stage 3+ kit including custom 18 karat gold anodised turbo chargers which should be good for 950hp using normal petrol.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the custom carbon fibre ski box mounted on top of the RS6. This was made by by Leif Tufvesson and 56Nord in a full clear coat carbon fibre, despite the slim design Olson says it can fit more than enough gear in for what he needs. All Olson needs now is a long stretch of Autobahn to see what kind of speeds this box can handle on top of the RS6! and he’s promising “some crazy videos” in the coming weeks.

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