The Carbon Fibre Bike That Tranforms From Sport to Urban

The TRED Bestianera Monte Carlo edition is a carbon fibre hybrid bike that transforms from sports bike to city cruiser.

Making its debut at the LikeBike event in Monte Carlo, the Bestia Nera which literally translates to ‘black beast’ is the creation of Italian designer Romolo Stanco. The bike transforms between the two different configurations by swapping the wheels and front fork, a process the designers say takes around 10 minutes.

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Thanks to its monocoque unidirectional carbon fibre frame the bike weighs in at 9.8kgs including batteries and is equipped with an anti vibration system that utilises super elastic nickel titanium elements, reducing vibration to the handlebars and saddle. The power unit is integrated into the rear hub and enables the rider to cycle with full or partial electric.

This bike will set you back a cool £13,389, just make sure you have some change left over for a good quality security chain!