Delaware University & BMW to Run Three Day Composites Course

The University of Delaware’s Centre for Composite Materials will host a three-day course to focus on composites at BMW and offer hands-on lab experience.

The three day course titled Advanced Manufacturing Composites will run from August 12–14th and is co-hosted by the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Centre. On the 12–13th Stefan Kercher, head of the Materials and Process Technology Laboratory at BMW Group Munich, will present a two-day course, “Composites at BMW”, while the final day is devoted to hands-on laboratory experiences for students.

The composites at BMW course will detail BMW’s project i program and the background behind it including the theoretical background of the materials used in composites at BMW, coupon-level testing and crash concepts and energy absorption of composite structures.

Topics to be covered on the third day include chemical and mechanical materials characterisation, thermoforming of thermoplastics and liquid moulding processing. The event is open to UD students and current members of CCM’s Industrial Consortium.

Founded in 1974, CCM conducts basic and applied research, educates scientists and engineers, and develops and transitions technology. Since 1985, CCM has been designated a centre of excellence through seven programs.

The centre has some 250 affiliated personnel, more than $12 million in annual expenditures, and over 2,000 alumni worldwide. More than 3,500 companies have benefited from affiliation with CCM over the past three decades.