Worlds First All Carbon Fibre Mobile Solar Station Revealed

The system is manufactured by Austrian based company Smartflower energy technology and was supported by a number of organisations including the Red Cross. The product could be deployed in the event of a disaster to provide power to relief workers and military personnel to keep communication channels open and to power temporary medical facilities.

Thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre construction, the Remules weighs in at around 190kgs and takes about 10 minutes to setup. Thanks to the use of cutting edge stealth solar technology and special composite materials for the solar sections, the modules cannot be detected by radar signal making it less susceptible to attack.

The inbuilt GPS tracking system allows the device to follow the position of the sun in two axes. Power output is optimised as a result and energy yield is increased by as much as 40 % compared to standard fix mounted solar energy systems.

The company say the product has been tested in the toughest conditions and can operate in extreme environments from sandy deserts to snowy mountains. As part of its testing the Remules played a role in last months NATO’s Capable Logistician 2015 exercise in Hungary where, as part of the “Smart Energy Camp” it supplied electricity to the PFISTERER Mobile Power Supply System (PMPS).