History of Advanced Composites at Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s first ever car to feature carbon fibre parts was the Countach Quattrovalvole in 1985. In this video eGarage shows how 30 years on, Lamborghini is still busy making everything lighter and stronger with advanced composites.

The company’s Advanced Composites Structures Laboratory based in Seattle is the company’s front line in the development of carbon fibre and composite structures for future Lamborghini models.

Using its forged composite technology in partnership with Boeing and Calloway allows them to manufacture in volume and fix damaged composites on-location. Forged composite is composed of bundles of microscopic carbon fibres bound together in resin. Instead of traditional woven carbon fibre sheets impregnated with resin it uses a malleable paste of carbon and resin which makes it incredibly strong.

In this video you will see inside the evolution of advanced composites materials at Lambo from the Countach Evoluzione to the Sesto Elemento.