Lamborghini and TecknoMonster Create Carbon Fibre Suitcases

We’ve all been there, you roll up outside that swanky hotel in your Lamborghini Aventador only to drag out that tatty looking holdall or backpack, well all that’s about to change. Lamborghini has teamed up with luxury suitcase maker TecknoMonster to create this range of carbon fibre suitcases.

Inspired by Lamborghini’s choice of materials each of the cases, manufactured in Italy use the same carbon fibre materials used to build Lamborghini’s supercars and are finished off with the iconic Lambo branding.

For the lining customers can choose from a naked interior with the carbon fibre showing through or quilted leather inspired by Lamborghini’s hexagonal pattern. The wheeled, lightweight cases are easy to push around and can be carried using its ergonomic leather handle with hexagonal hand-made stitching and aluminium end places. For safe storage it even has its own layer of neoprene to protect it while it is handled by the owner or airline staff.

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The series comes in a number of different sizes and shapes with prices ranging from £7,065 for the smallest bag right up to £11,279 for the largest. Aventador owners wanting to buy the full range however, might need to install a roof rack to accommodate the extra luggage.