Dow and Aston Martin Form Technical Partnership

The new relationship will mean that Aston Martin can utilise a broader portfolio of Dow products and services for Aston Martin production models and race cars. The partnership will also accelerate development and demonstrate capabilities of new products and technologies in on-road and racing environments.

For over 25 years Dow Automotive has supplied Aston Martin with its range of structural adhesives, customising them to meet a wide range of open time and cure time requirements and bond many different materials, including electro-coated steel, anodised aluminium, carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced composites.

Most recently, on the DB11, a structural adhesive was developed to adhere to anodised aluminium, providing long-term durability and improved crash performance. The adhesive also absorbs less moisture and enabled Aston Martin to delete the anodising oven drying process, resulting in annual energy savings.

The company’s glass bonding systems are also used to bond front, rear and side glazing as well as bonding the Vanquish carbon fibre composite roof. Polyurethane body sealant is also used for primer-less adhesion to a variety of substrates.